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                                                         Teeth Whitening


Blue Light Teeth Whitening. Get up to 5 shades brighter in 60 minutes via Blue Light UV Therapy. The UV light safely and gently penetrates the enamel surface to weaken tough, yellow stains. The Blue Light will activate the compounds in the gel that will effectively brighten and whiten teeth.

40 minutes $80

60 minutes $120

Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna

Although, often overlooked infrared light is important and healthy in everyday life.  Infrared light offers powerful detoxifying abilities, by heating the core temperature it allows the body to remove toxic build-up in the muscles, joints, and skin.  During your session negative ions are produced with the combination of heat and salt, these ions are known to reduce pollutants in the body and help dissolve harmful substances that have built up in the body.  This is why sweating is so important!  The body removes these substances through a deep detoxifying sweat.

We added Himalayan Salt to our Sauna to double your benefits. 

Himalayan Salt is a natural way to help stimulate the respiratory system by reducing inflammation and clearing mucus.

Benefits to the Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna are detoxification,  immune system boost, stress relief, pain reduction, improved circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces headaches, can improve sleep, and so much more.


Preparing for your Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna Session

> Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your session to prepare and sign documentation.

> Avoid shaving, tanning,  waxing, or coloring your hair prior to your session.

> We recommend you avoid caffeine or stimulants 4 hours prior to your session.

> Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to get in and out of.

> We provide spa sandals, towels, and lotion.

> Rooms are private and offer a shower and changing station.


Sauna Session Pricing

30 minutes $35

60 minutes $70

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PLEASE do not use our Infrared Salt Sauna if you have suffered from:

Fever or communicable disease

Dehydrated or intoxicated

Sensitivity to heat

Congestive heart failure

Uncontrolled hypertension/hypotension

Circulatory concerns

Multiple sclerosis, Lupus, or Parkinson's

Diabetes with Neuropathy


Are taking medications that are affected by heat

PLEASE do not use our Blue Light Teeth Whitening if you have suffered from:

Gum Disease

Tooth decay

High tooth sensitivity

Are pregnant

If you have any concerns please check with your primary care provider prior to scheduling a session.

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