The Essential Blu Facial

A relaxing facial that includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, toner, moisturizer, facial massage and hot towel wrap all suited to your complexion's needs.

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30 min. $58

Glycolic Upgrade $19

The Deep Blu Facial

This facial that includes a double cleansing, exfoliation, mud masque, toner, moisturizer, facial massage and hot towel wrap all suited to your complexions' needs. Massage on the upper body, hands and feet for the ultimate relaxation.

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60 min.$84

Glycolic Upgrade $19

The Royal Blu Facial

This ultimate facial includes a double cleansing, exfoliation, toner, moisturizer, eye contouring, facial massage and hot towel wrap all suited to your complexions' needs. A full body moisturizing application and paraffin hand treatment is included for enhanced relaxation and pampering.

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90 min. $116

Glycolic Upgrade $19

Express Facial

This facial includes a double cleansing, toner, and moisturizer, all suited to your skin's needs. Fast and refreshing!

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20 min. $39

Back Exfoliation Treatment

For acne prone or blemished skin. A deep cleanser, exfoliation, massage, toner, masque and moisturizer to suit your needs.

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45 min. $58

Glycolic Peel Treatment

This intense exfoliation includes a double cleansing, exfoliation with 15% glycolic acid, facial massage, and moisturizer. This treatment helps improve fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, sun damage, acne, hyper-pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

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30 min. $63

Intense Glycolic Peel Treatment

This chemical peel promotes intense exfoliation and rejuvenation of new skin cells. It reduces the amount of surface skin oil which aids in the removal of impurities. This peel helps reduce hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, fine lines, sun damage, age spots, acne and more.

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30 min. $68

Salicylic Chemical Peel Treatment

This chemical peel is used to treat acne, acne scarring, black heads, white heads, sun damaged and blotchy skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and penetrates the oily material blocking pores to flush it out.

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30 min. $66

Lactic Acid Chemical Peel Treatment

This chemical peel is used to help dry and damaged skin, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and age spots by increasing new cell growth and stimulating collagen production. It also increases moisture in the skin.

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30 min. $68

Deep Blu Chemical Peel

This treatment is a mid-grade to deep multi-layered peel that is designed to resurface the skin. This reduces the appearance of sun damage, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles while improving the texture and tone.

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30 min. $126

Mud Body Wrap

Revitalize and hydrate your body. This service is to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, helping to detoxify the body. Followed by a full body moisturizing application for the ultimate relaxation and nourishment.

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60 min. $90

Lash Lift & Tint

The Lash Lift is an eyelash procedure that curls, lifts and shapes natural lashes. Your lashes are extended upwards from root to tip, creating a longer lifted appearance that opens up the eyes. Then a tint is applied to the lashes to deepen your natural color. Lasts 3-6 weeks.

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40 min. $70

Brow & Lash Tinting

Black or brown temporary color to change brows and lashes. Typically lasts 3-4 weeks.

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30 min. $35

Lash Tint Only - 15 min. $20

Brow Tint Only - 15 min.$20

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash enhancements that are individually glued onto your own eyelashes for an enhanced natural, voluminous full look. Typically lasts 30 days. Fill-ins are recommended every 3 weeks.

Call Katie Duvall at 734 - 770 - 7570 to book.

Full set $150 - 120 min.

Fill-ins  $40 - 50.00 time varies


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