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A tattooing technique is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin, creating a realistic-looking hair-stroke pattern to enhance your existing (or nonexisting) brows. Microblade will fade more rapidly than traditional tattooing and requires yearly touch-ups. 

$410+ (Includes a perfection session 4-6 weeks after initial treatment)

Touch up $210+   

Microblade with Shading

Machine shading will add a soft "powder" of color behind the fine hair-stroke Microblade application.

$530+ (Includes a perfection session 4-6 weeks after initial treatment)

Lip Color/Lip Contour

Adds color, definition, and gives your lips a voluptuous look.


Touch up $60+

Eyeliner/Lash Line Enhancement

A wonderful way to define and enhance the shape and natural beauty of your eyes. The liner can be as little as a mere enhancement to your lash line, and as much as a winged liner design.


Touch up $60+


Can be applied on the upper nose and cheeks to create a natural skin kissed pattern.


Touch up $60+

Lash Lift & Tint


Brow lamination


Lash Lift & Tint w/Brow Lamination




$180 or a package of 3 $465


4D Lipo

6 Sessions $1725-4000

Price varies consult required 



$230 or a package of 3 $600


Liquid Lipo

package of 3 $800


Dermaplane facial



Teeth Whitening



Swarovski Tooth Bling



Baby Botox



Aladdin Peel

$290 or 3 for $750

3 Treatment Options:


-Whitening/Hyperpigmentation lightening 

-Skin Tightening 


LED Light Therapy facial custom to each individual



Hydra Nano Derma Facial

$345 or 3 for $925

-Sliming (comparable to Kybella)



Hyaluron Needleless Filler

$345 per syringe or 3 sessions/syringes (recommended) for $800


Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

$175 or  3 sessions for $375 (priced per “playing card size area”)

50% Deposit required when booking.

*Blu Water Medi Spa Salon gift cards cannot be redeemed for Hydrafacials

and Microblading services.

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